Logan is an M&A advisor helping founders win by raising capital or selling their businesses

The Logan Process


Logan performs aggressive QofE to optimize EBITDA and increase the purchase price.

When Logan joined Project Tampa, the founder had signed an LOI for $15M. Logan drafted a new QofE and negotiated to win a higher valuation of $22M for the founder.


Logan runs a world-class auction process among numous buyers, leading to competitive tension and the highest multiple.

Project Trident was initially valued at 8x; but, after a robust, invitation-only, blind auction process, using various stage gates to vet hundreds of carefully targeted and qualified investors, Trident closed at 10x.


Logan knows all the tricks in the investor playbook and protects founders from predatory terms.

The buyer in Project Me Gusta attempted a last-minute purchase price reduction of $0.5M, disguised as a working capital adjustment. Logan responded with insightful math and eliminated the reduction.

Select Completed Mergers & Acquisitions


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EBITDA – quality of earnings

A quality of earnings (QofE) study establishes the EBITDA which is the basis of the valuation of the deal. Logan’s CPAs and QofE specialists normalize and optimize adjusted EBITDA adding back one time expenses, seller discretionary expenses, carving out capital expenditures, converting from cash to accrual basis revenue, run-rating new initiatives, etc.

MULTIPLE – Pitch Book

Competitive tension is created by running a robust blind auction process with dozens of investors bidding against each other. This process yields the maximum valuation multiple. It all starts with the pitchbook or Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).


Letter of Intent (LOI) is the blueprint for the purchase agreement and where the most important economic terms are negotiated.