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Logan Growth Advisors provides M&A and capital raising advisory services to founder-owned companies. In addition to a primary focus on healthcare, Logan has notable experience in technology and telecommunications, amongst various other industries. Logan strives to obtain the best valuation and terms possible by quickly establishing a defensible EBITDA and pushing investors to perform.

Logan’s process consists of three steps: deal prep, deal pitch, and deal close, taking deals from beginning to close in an average of six months.

The Logan Process

Deal Prep

Founders only get one chance to make a first impression with investors. Logan does significant work up front to properly position the business before going to market.

Deal Pitch

Logan creates competitive tension in a blind auction to secure the best possible terms for the founders.

Deal Close

Logan protects founders from predatory due diligence and last-minute reduced deal terms while managing the entire process.

Case Studies

Increase Value

Logan fights to not only get a higher multiple but also a higher EBITDA as valuation is based on both factors.

When Logan joined Project T, the founder had signed an LOI for $15M. Logan drafted a new QofE and negotiated to win a higher valuation of $22M for the founder.

Better Terms

Logan goes to war to defend founders against investors using vague terms to extract value or pushing risk onto the founder.

When the buyer tried to slide in a last-minute purchase price reduction disguised as a working capital adjustment, Logan responded with more insightful math and eliminated the reduction.

Speedy Close

Time wounds all deals. Logan facilitates a rapid confirmatory due diligence process, driving the investor to perform.

Under an impossible timeline of closing within 2.5 months of initial introduction, Logan blitzed the process and closed with minutes to spare before the Dec 31 deadline.

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